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While I love Internet Radio streams I sometimes find it hard to find a station that plays the kind of music I want to listen to right now. I do have some regular stations that I normally listen to but when I want to listen to something else I have to search shoutcast and tune in into several stations to find the one that is playing music I like to hear.

Tun3r is a web service that steps into this niche and provides a way to tune into hundreds of radio stations from their website and load the playlist into your mp3 player once you found a station that fits the profile.

tun3r internet radio selectorTun3r basically offers two methods of finding a radio station. The first is to perform a search for an artist, a song, a genre, a language or homepage and the second is to simply tune into the radio stations and listen to the music they are playing on the Tun3r website.

The second method reminds me a lot of the way one would tune into classic radios by changing the frequencys which is beautifully visualized on the main page of Tun3r.

Besides listening to the current song you see a selection of songs that have been played on the station plus additional informaton such as homepage and stream links and a description of the station.

I really like the way Tun3r is handling that many radio stations and prefer it over websites such as shoutcast who simply list hundreds of radio stations on one page.

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