8 Best Twitter Analytics tools

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Whats Your Twitter States??
Without measuring your progress, you can never ensure whether your marketing efforts are headed in the right direction, right? A wonderful micro-blogging service, Twitter happens to be a powerful tool to promote your brand, products or services on the internet. And these days, everyone seems to be busy tweeting! To measure whether you are making the most of this social media marketing tool, you should have a couple of useful analytics tools at hand.
To help you measure how successful you have been in your marketing campaign, I tried to test and put together some of the handiest stats and analytics tools that can measure your Twitter account’s ‘popularity’, ‘effectiveness’, ‘impact’, ‘score’, ‘influence’ etc.
Even if it’s not a product or a service that you are promoting on Twitter, you might just be interested in finding out how popular or influential you are as an individual on this social networking platform. So, let’s have a look at some of the most useful Twitter analytics tools.


Graph Your Twitter Stats

If you want a graphical representation of useful information like how active Twitterer a user is, number of tweets tweeted per hour everyday, top 10 people you sent a reply to and those people who retweeted your tweets, this tool can prove to be effective. The analytics tool claims to be in use by more than 100,000 Twitterers currently.


Find Out Your Impact Score
What’s your Twitter Impact score – 16.3%, just 1.4% or 70.3%? Sorry, I can’t tell this. Only Twitalyzer will be able to discover what ‘impact’ you are making through your Twitter account. It takes just a couple of seconds for Twitalyzer to ‘Twitalyze’ your account and find out your ‘Impact Score’.

The analytics tool calculates your ‘Impact Score’ by taking into account the following factors:
Total number of followers
Total number of unique references and citations
The frequency of being uniquely retweeted
The frequency of uniquely retweeting
The relative frequency of posting updates


What’s Your Effect?

You can use this measuring tool to analyze how effective your tweets have been on your followers. The interesting part of using TweetEffect is that it can tell you which of your Twitter updates made people follow or leave you. Just key in your Twitter user ID and the results summary (frequency of follower changes) is right before you. Interesting, huh?



More Detailed Twitter Statistics
This analytics tool provides you with Alexa-style information about your Twitter account. It’s an effective tool to do some strategic planning with your Twitter campaign. What’s unique in this tool is that it does not only provide you with detailed statistics of your own Twitter account, but it also allows you to compare it with your competitor’s growth.


Track the Most Popular Users
With this tool, you can track the top ranked Twitter users in your area (click a specific location on the homepage to see them). The service provides you with the list of Top 100, Top 200, Top 300, Top 400, Top 500, Top 600, Top 700, Top 800, Top 900 and Top 1000 Twitterholics based on the total number of followers they have. In addition, you can also check out the top ranking Twitter users based on the number of updates and the number of people they follow.

I tried to rank my Twitter account 3-4 times on Twitaholic, but it returned the following message over and again : “We are ‘tweaking’ things here at Twitterholic. Please try back in a few. Thanks!”



Statistics on How You Use Twitter
Just key in your Twitter username in the box provided and hit ‘Go’. Soon, the site will evaluate your profile to return data in a pie chat format. The data includes the frequency of your tweets per day, top links, top words (along with the word count) and top @s used while posting updates.


How Much is Your Twitter Profile Worth?
If you wish to find out the current value of your Twitter account in $, this is the tool to use. On its homepage are featured some of the top valued Twitter profiles. There are two sections of valued profiles that you can see – Top Today and Alltime. The Alltime section features 5 most valued accounts which include @BarackObama, @britneyspears,@ladygaga, @aplusk and @justinbieber.



The Standard for Influence
The Klout and PeerIndex social media scores, which ranges from 0-100, measures your Twitter account’s overall online influence. The stats tool considers 25 variables to calculate True Reach (the size of engaged audience), Amplification Probablity (likelihood of your content being acted upon) and Network Score (influence level of your engaged audience).


Get Started with Tracking Your Twitter Stats Right Away!

What other Twitter analytics tools are you using? If you too have an excellent Twitter score or grade, please feel free to share it and let the world know. It can be pretty interesting!

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Or why dont you check out awsome list of 100 + tools for social media marketing.

Dont forget to pour in your thoughts..
Happy twitting.. ;)

Best Tools for Social Media Marketing

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Tired of Getting Hootsuite and Radian6 when searched about social media tools?
I've found an awsome list of social media tools of various needs. I’ve taken their incredible list and have  listed it with a few favorites.


social media promotions
  1. Shoutlet - Enterprise social marketing platform.
  2. Awareness, Inc. - Publish, manage, measure, engage. 
  3. Unified – The world’s first social operating platform. Enterprise marketing.
  4. Wildfire – Promotion, analytics, monitoring and more.
  5. EngageSciences - The fastest growing European social marketing vendor.
  6. LocalResponse – Helps marketers respond to real-time consumer intent.
  7. GraphScience – Leverage the social graph. Optimize Facebook marketing.
  8. GoChime – Reach the people who are a perfect fit for your products.
  9. Adly – Celebrity endorsements in social media.
  10. Hy.ly - From fans to leads. Facebook presence, contents and more.
  11. SocMetrics – Engage influencers.
  12. MarketMeSuite – Your free social inbox. End-to-end social marketing.
  13. Fanplayr – Social game marketing.
  14. memelabs - Branded Facebook contests and much more.
  15. PowerVoice – Advertisers harness a consumer-to-consumer platform.
  16. Lithium – Social community and marketing solutions.
  17. Syncapse - Social media marketing, measurement and management.
  18. Vitrue - Helps you utilize social communities for business.
  19. Adotomi – Performance marketing for social media.
  20. Zoniz – Full-service social marketing management platform.
  21. Argyle Social - Data-driven social media marketing software.
  22. Buddy Media - Offers a social enterprise marketing suite.
  23. Extole – Consumer-to-consumer social marketing.
  24. BuzzParadise - International network of social media advertising.
  25. Zuberance - Energize your brand advocates.
  26. Involver - A social marketing platform and more.
  27. Silentale - Market and customer insights for Facebook page data.
  28. SocialTwist - Acquire new customers using social referrals.
  29. eCairn - Social media marketing solutions for marketing agencies.
  30. Bazaarvoice – Ratings and Social Commerce software


social media tracking
  1. Netvibes - Social media monitoring, analytics and alerts dashboard.
  2. Brandwatch - Social media monitoring tools.
  3. ThinkUp - Free open source social media insights platform.
  4. DataSift - Unlock insights from historical Twitter data.
  5. Odimax - Actionable intelligence for social media marketing.
  6. GlobalWebIndex - Provides data on users of your web presence.
  7. Attentio - See what the world is saying about your brand.
  8. Traackr - Find the influencers who matter to you.
  9. Unmetric - The social benchmarking company.
  10. LiveWorld - Moderation, community programming and actionable insight.
  11. PeerIndex - Understand your influence across social media.
  12. Jive - Social media monitoring and much more.
  13. ethority – Social media intelligence.
  14. CliMet - Maintain your brands reputation on Facebook and Youtube.
  15. YourBuzz - Get the buzz on your business (American Express OPEN).
  16. Eqentia - Enterprise content curation, monitoring and republishing.
  17. Sentiment Metrics - Social media monitoring, measurement, engagement.
  18. MutualMind - Intelligently monitor, analyze and engage.
  19. Appinions - Discover and engage leading influencers on any topic.
  20. Social Fixation - Apps. Automation. Awesomeness.
  21. Digimind - Competitive intelligence and online reputation monitoring.
  22. StepRep - Listen to what people are saying about your brand online.
  23. Trackur - Social media monitoring made easy.
  24. CustomScoop - Online news clipping and social media monitoring.
  25. Beevolve - Comprehensive and affordable social media monitoring.
  26. Visible - Social media monitoring, analytics and engagement.
  27. Sysomos - Social media monitoring tools for business.


Social CRM
  1. Radian6 - Social media monitoring and engagement, social CRM.
  2. Sprout Social - Social media management, Twitter tools, social CRM.
  3. Spredfast - Social CRM and enterprise marketing.
  4. Nimble - Social CRM simplified. Turn communities into customers.
  5. Sprinklr - Social CRM, enterprise social media dashboard.


social analytics
  1. HootSuite - Dashboard for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.
  2. SocialFlow – Optimized publisher for Facebook and Twitter.
  3. uberVU - The intelligent social media dashboard.
  4. tracx – An end-to-end social media management system.
  5. thismoment - Engage everyone, everywhere, easily.
  6. Hearsay Social - Enterprise social media software.
  7. Sendible - Social media marketing, monitoring and management.
  8. Pluck - Integrated social media solutions from Demand Media.
  9. SocialVolt - Social media management software.
  10. Engage121 - Social media management  that enables customer relationships
  11. Parature personalized approach to web-based customer service & help desk software
  12. Tweetdeck Dashboard for teams using Twitter and Facebook


social media tools list
  1. The Future Buzz – Digital marketing and social media blog.
  2. SocialTimes.com – Your social media source.
  3. Social Media Today – News, strategy, tools and techniques.
  4. Mashable – Social media news and tips.
  5. Socialnomics – insights from brands & experts on the why & how of social 
  6. Social Media Explorer – A blog about social media marketing.
  7. Social Fresh – The business of social media.
  8. The Social Media Marketing Blog – Marketing insights from Scott Monty.
  9. Chris Brogan – Learn how human business works beyond social media.
  10. Brian Solis – Defining the convergence of media and influence.
  11. Britopian – Discussing the latest in social business.
  12. Social Media Examiner - help businesses discover how to best use social media
  13. Michael Hyatt - Christian slant on leadership, productivity, publishing, social media


social media agencies
  1. Likeable Media – Dave Kerpen’s agency – top clients (Neutrogena, Verizon) 
  2. Banyan Branch – Social media strategy, engagement, analysis and more.
  3. Converseon – Social strategy and analytics agency.
  4. Brickfish – viral map software – top clients (Redbox, Lemonhead)
  5. Splashcube – Social media marketing and training.
  6. WannaBeeSocial – Southwest Airlines of Social Agencies (cater small biz)
  7. Webtrends – Social, mobile and web analytics and tools.
  8. iStrategyLabs – Experimental social media marketing and more.


social media tool
  1. Percolate – Turns brands into curators. Creates content for the social web.
  2. HubSpot – Inbound Marketing > marketing hub for small biz 
  3. awe.sm – Analytics for social media.
  4. TweetReach – How far did your tweet travel?
  5. Contaxio – Contact management for your social networks.
  6. PostPost – Awesome stuff gets lost on Twitter. Strip-search your timeline.
  7. SocialScope – A mobile inbox for your social networks.
  8. NutshellMail - Delivers a social media summary to your email inbox.
  9. Amplicate – Find out what people love and hate on social media.
  10. Bottlenose - A smarter way to surf the stream.
  11. AddShoppers – Reward sharing, measure results, add shoppers.
  12. GroupTweet - Create a more dynamic Twitter account with multiple authors.
  13. HowSociable - Measure your brand magnitude.
  14. North Social - Quickly create and manage Facebook pages.
  15. BrandMyMail - Include live social content in your Gmail emails.
  16. CardMunch – LinkedIn app scans business cards to your contacts 
  17. Social Mention - Real-time social media search and analysis.
  18. FeedMagnet - Social curation for websites and events.
  19. TabJuice – Ultimate e-commerce solution for Facebook (100% free).
  20. Conversocial – Deliver great customer service in Facebook and Twitter.
  21. Bitly Enterprise – Short URL branding, real-time alerts, monitoring and more.
  22. PeopleBrowsr – Social analytics for marketers.
  23. Needium - Social media lead generation.
  24. Crowdspoke – Find relevant content to share with customers, fans.
  25. The Archivist – Save and analyze tweets.
  26. MyLikes - Publishers promote your content through social networks.
  27. Postling - Provides small businesses with social media tools.
  28. bre.ad – URL shortener like bit.ly with customizable billboards 
  29. Evernote – never lose a random though again – all stored in the cloud
  30. Eventbrite - online tool for events and selling tickets 



  1. Klout - Measures social media influence.
  2. ShopVisible - Social commerce solution
  3. Yammer – The enterprise social network.
  4. Gigya - Social login, social plugins, analytics, gamifaction and more.
  5. TrustYou – Social media monitoring for the hospitality industry.
  6. Cyfe – All-in-one business dashboard and real-time monitoring.
  7. Janrain – Social login, social profile storage, game mechanics, analytics.
  8. BzzAgent – A word of mouth marketing company.
  9. IZEA – Connects social media publishers with advertisers.
  10. Lotame – Data and audience management platform.
  11. OneDesk – Connect employees, partners and customers.
  12. SocialVibe – Engagement marketing.
  13. TwentyFeet - Social media monitoring and ego-tracking.
  14. Timehop – What were you doing 1 year ago today?
  15. Refollow – Discover, manage and protect your Twitter social circle.

Awsome list isnt it?? list down some others so that we can have an always updated lists.
if you want to add some new categories please mark that as well.
and dont forget to check these Google Analytics alternatives.

Top Free Alternative to Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is one of the most well known website analytics around, not to mention being one of the best. Although Google Analytics is a fantastic app to tackle your site’s analytics needs, there are actually several other options available that many would argue are better choices. I’ve pulled together some of the best alternatives to Google Analytics and some information about each; price, plugins, mobile apps, real-time tracking and requirements.
Which analytics app do you use and why? Read on to see if there’s anything more fitting for your needs or if you have something you’d recommend. 

Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsPerhaps the most well known and most used, Google Analytics is king of the hill. It’s one of the most powerful analytics apps available and remains free, which makes it the most popular choice to date. There are plugins, tweaks and third-party apps for just about every platform available so integration should be a snap.
Among its greatness, it also has drawbacks and many argue quality flaws. Keep reading to see other great alternatives for your analytics needs.
            • Price: Free
            • WordPress Plugin: Yes
            • Mobile Application : Yes
            • Real-time data: Yes
            • Requirements: None


PiwikPiwik is an open source analytics app that you’ll have to host yourself but offers everything from real-time tracking to mobile apps for iPhone and Android and is even offered in over 30 languages. It’s directly intended to be an alternative to Google Analytics and does a pretty dang good job of it. 
  • Price: Free (open source) 
  • WordPress Plugin: Yes 
  • Mobile App: iPhone (iTunes) or Android app 
  • Real-time data: Yes 
  • Requirements: Self-hosted (PHP, MySQL) 


WoopraWoopra takes a different approach to analytics and requires that you download a desktop client to handle your site’s incoming data. The app offers real-time tracking and a dark color scheme for its interface, making heavy use of icons and vibrant colors. With the features offered, Woopra is a great choice, especially since it’s free.
  • Price: Free
  • WordPress Plugin: Yes
  • Mobile App: iPhone app (iTunes)
  • Real-time data: Yes
  • Requirements: Desktop compatible with desktop client
  • Developer: iFusion Labs, LLC.


GoingUp! takes a slightly different approach by pushing SEO tools along with the regular analytics app tools. The interface could use a some refinements but overall gets the job done. Among the piles of features the app sports, real-time tracking, heatmaps and mobile apps are nowhere to be seen. The app is free though so if you need easier to understand SEO tools, this might be worth checking out.
  • Price: Free
  • WordPress Plugin: Yes
  • Mobile App: No
  • Real-time data: No
  • Requirements: None
  • Developer: GoingUp!




Open Web Analytics!

Easy, Open, Web Analytics.

Open Web Analytics (OWA) is open source web analytics software that you can use to track and analyze how people use your websites and applications. OWA is licensed under GPL and provides website owners and developers with easy ways to add web analytics to their sites using simple Javascript, PHP, or REST based APIs. OWA also comes with built-in support for tracking websites made with popular content management frameworks such as WordPress and MediaWiki.
  • Price: Free
  • WordPress Plugin: Yes
  • Mobile App: No
  • Real-time data: No
  • Requirements: None


What Do You Use?

Each of these apps are fantastic in their own way and make for pretty great alternatives to Google Analytics. Do you use or plan on trying out one of the apps listed here? Or maybe you use an app I haven’t listed that you think should’ve been?

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