Adding Subtitles to Movies

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Here is the guide which contain instructions on how to handle subtitles and make ‘paste’ subtitles into any video file.
Overview:What are subtitles? They are texts that appear with the a audio-video file, in case you can’t understand the language or you sound is not audible enough or you are a hearing impaired person.
The subtitle file can be in any format SubRip (.srt), Subviewer (.sub), SubStation Alpha (.ssa), MicroDVD (.txt), etc..
The Framerate is an important parameter that you need to know in case you don’t have the subtitle file and have to scout for it. The Framerate usually comes in 23.976 FPS, 25k FPS or 29,976 FPS.
How to find what is the framerate in your the file is encoded? It’s very simple. Use Gspot codec information tool. More about how to use that can be found here : GSpot
Try any one of the options for “pasting” the subtitles file into your movie file depending on what media player you want to use.
1. You can use BSPlayer.Just click and drag the .srt/other subtitles file to the playing area of the media player. Now It will play with the subtitles. This is the best way to play without any hassles.
2. If you want to use VLC player , then there is an option to add subtitles as well. But you need to play the file by starting the VLC player and not clicking on the movie file as such.
3. Using Windows media player, BSplayer, and few other players and using vobsub.Follow this:
Make the .srt and .avi( or whatever) the same name. You have done this. Except for the file extension, everything should be the same, so when you look there should be two files in the same name, only their icons be different.
Now place them both in a folder. Name the folder also in the same name, but this is not required, but still do this.
Now open the file, the vobsub should load (and hence the .srt)
Even if the .srt don’t load, then manually start vobsub. Now make sure that vobsub is working by just starting it.That should help you.
when installed and if the name of the file and subtitle file are the same, we get this icon in our taskbar and the options available under the same is also shown in the screenshot.
Why all this trouble? Just d/l BSplayer and drag the .srt to the screen and the subbies load fine!
4. Also you can try: Divx Subtitle Displayer
Where to find the subtitles?
1. is the best place to get subtitles. Here we can find subtitles in many languages and different framerates. If we don’t find a subtitle file here, it’s more likely that we might not find anywhere else.The only limitation is that we need to scout the subtitles manually and we have to enter the image code in the box before we can download. Also there is no advanced search wherein we can search for particular framerates,subtitle type and language.
2. Divx subtitlesRequires registration, but I bypass that process by using BugMeNot Firefox extension.The advantage here is we have advanced search wherein we can search for particular framerates,subtitle type and language.
Hope this Tutorial was useful.. if ya guys and gals got any doubts, then post the query in the comments, I will answer them.

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