kareena kapoor to wear bikini in tashan

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Bollywood divas have no problem in shedding their clothes when it comes to Yashraj, be it Tanisha, Priety zinta, Bipasha basu, or even Aishwarya rai, and now its Kareena kapoor, as per rumours she will be seen flaunting her hot body wearing a tiny miny bikini in her upcoming movie "Tashan", That is why she has lost all that weight and gone anorexic

It will definitely be a challenge for Lolo, who has always been bindaas in her volley of words, off-screen. What remains to be seen is if this bindaas attitude of hers rub her in reel-life too? And to what extent can she take head on, her colleagues (read ‘competitors’), which includes Mallika Sherawat, Malaika Arora Khan or Bipasha Basu even

Spice Up Websites with Stylish

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If you are a FIREFOX user and bored of the default looks of websites, then you need to try out the Stylish add-on for Firefox. With Stylish, you can spice up the look of websites by downloading and installing the Add-on and user styles available for popular pages. Here is how Google search page looks like after installing the add-on.


Stylish allows easy management of user styles. User styles empower your browsing experience by letting you fix ugly sites, customize the look of your browser or mail client. There are lots of user styles created and they are available for free download at Userstyles.org.

If you need to edit the user styles, this can be done by clicking the icon Icon in the status bar.

Manage style

You can also create your own styles for any page. So what are you waiting for, download the add-on and create your own style

Get Unlimited GMail addresses using Plus Addressing

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GMail is one of the best Email services available today with lot of features and an excellent spam filter. Another feature of GMail is that it allows you to create multiple e-mail ID with a single account. All you need to have is a GMail account and here is a simple technique to create multiple e-mail id’s using this account.
Multiple e-mail ID can be create using the feature of plus addressing. To create this, go to the Settings option in your Email. Navigate to Filters->Create new filter.

Here in the To field enter your email ID + the name you would like to create. For eg; if your Gmail ID is yourname@Gmail.com, you can create a filter yourname+blog@Gmail.com all your mails regarding your blog. Next you need to specify where you would like the mails to this ID sent to. You can select anyone of the five options, sadly there is no create folder option.

Thats it, now you can use the email ID yourname+blog@Gmail.com and all mails to this address will be filtered according to the criteria you have selected. This is particularly useful if you are subscribed to news letters and you don’t read them often. By this method these mails can be directly sent to Archives folder.
Many of you might be already using this service and those who are not, start creating new IDs.
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