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Here are some tips to speed up winamp 5.

1. In Winamp Preferences (CTRL+P), untick the following in the General Preferences
Show splash screen
Check for new versions of Winamp at startup
Allow Winamp to report anonymous usage statistics
While in your General Preferences, ensure your Internet Connection Settings are correct LAN, DSL, Cable / Modem etc.)

2. Disable mini-visualisation (gives Winamp less to render)

3. Next, go to the Global Hotkeys section. If you don't use these, untick the Enabled
box so Winamp doesn't monitor the relevent code in the background.

4. Under the Skins > Modern Skins section, set the Timer resolution to 35ms. Most users will not need anything faster. Whilst you're in the Modern Skins section, click the Alpha Blending tab and untick the Enable Desktop Alpha Blending button.

5. Speed up playlist creation:- To speed up the process of playlist creation, you need to configure Winamp to hold off on gathering extended metadata (more than length and title) for each file until you actually play the song. Load each file's information individually by clicking Options, then Preferences, then Titles underneath General Preferences. Click Read metadata only when file(s) are played underneath Metadata reading.

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cityTraxx at: May 2, 2009 at 9:23 AM said...

im getting a lag when i play a file in winamp, previously they used to play instantly.. when i click now it takes like 1.5 seconds extra to play the file. any ideas for me?

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