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RaimaRadio is a free software that lets you record music played by online radio stations. Several other programs such as XMPlay or Streamripper offer the same functionality and you might be wondering why I’m reviewing just another Internet Radio streamripper. The answer could not be simpler, RaimaRadio offers several unique features that make it worth a review.

It supports scheduled recordings which is great if you listen regularly to stations that offer music that you would always like to record even if you are not at home. This alone is a feature that I have not seen in another software that is able to record Internet radio.

Another unique feature that is worth to mention is the support for Winamp audio plugins and a cover album downloader that tries to download the correct cover for the song that is currently playing.

schedule online music recordings

Several other feature set it apart as well from other online music recorders. Those are station favorites, the ability to browse the shoutcast directory, selecting random stations, recording size limitations and hundreds of preselected radio stations that can be sorted by country, genre and network.

Probably the best online radio recorder in existence.

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