List of the Best Torrent Tracker and Subtitles Sites

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I had this kind of posts in my mind for a very long time. I have using the P2P and torrents for over 2 years right from my good old dial-up days.
Here is a hell lot of trackers from where you can leech stuffs that you might require. Though I don’t visit also of these sites, you might take a look and see site is good for you. I always use Private torrent trackers.
In case you are new to the torrent world, then no worries! Check this guide here: How to download stuffs using torrents.
List of the Best Torrent Tracker sites
As we all know there are many torrent sites. What which are the best ones? Which stand out among the rubble? There is a list of the best torrent trackers ranging from music sites to X264 to HD torrents to private torrent trackers to desi torrents to even football torrents!
*All the torrent tracker sites listed are public trackers unless stated otherwise. Private Trackers are marked here as a “#”*
1. Torrentz2. Orb Design / Torrent Site Status (Search torrent files in various trackers)3. Football Torrents4. X264 # (X264 codec related community)5. Torrent Spy (A huge collection of files in various categories)6. Mininova7. ISO hunt8. Bitme # (Educational site full of good education/knowledge related stuffs which you otherwise can’t buy)9. HDBits (Lost HDTV) # (For High Definition Torrent Community)10. Torrent Box11. Supertorrents12. Torrent Valley13. Demonoid # ( A huge collections of movies,music,TV shows,etc.. )14. Pirate Bay15. Torrent-Damage #16. Torrent Leech #17. Bitenova18. Bolywood Torrents (Bwtorrents) # (Great site for Hindi and other desi movies and cricket)19. Desi Torrents # (Hindi movies)20. Independent Desi Releasers (idesir) # (Hindi movies)21. IM Torrents # (Hindi movies)22. Aradi Tracker #23. BitmeTV # (TV Shows)24. TV Torrents # (TV Shows)25. Titanium Torrents26. BitSoup #27. Pianosheets (For Piano Sheet music fans)28. OiNK # (Audio/Music & related torrents)29. Music-Vid # (Music related torrents only)30. Kraytracker # (Music related torrents only)31. Seedler32. Open-bits (Opensource software)33. Legaltorrents (Legal Torrents only)
List of the best Subtitles Sites
Now that you have downloaded successfully, you might need a subtitle file to your movie file. In case you don’t know how to add a subtitles to a movie or even don’t know what subtitles, then check this guide Adding Subtitles to Movies.
Here is the list of the sites from where we can download subtitles in various languages:-
1. (This one is the best as far as I have seen, sorted according to the framerate ; however newer subtitles won’t be available)2. (dutch)7. (dutch)8. (Swedish)9. (Greek)10. (Hindi and Indian Languages)16. OpenSubtitles (Good interface)
Hope you liked this post. Please point out any errors, I’ll fix it out.
Enjoy and Happy leeching!

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