Gmail can now find if your friends are sleeping or awake

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Gmail can now find if your friends are sleeping or awake: "
Gmail Labs has introduced a new feature called Sender Time Zone that can tell if the receiver of your mail might be sleeping or is awake.

How To Turn On the Sender Time Zone Lab Feature?

  • Open Gmail and click on the settings link. Then click on the labs tab.

  • Once in the labs, scroll down to find the Sender Time Zone feature. Enable it and save the settings.

Once this feature is enabled, you’ll notice green phone icons next to your contacts who are awake (that is, it is between 9 AM and 6 PM in their time zone) and red phone icons in front of those contacts who are probably sleeping.

How it Works?

Every email message contains a header which contains all the information about the sender and the receiver, like IP addresses, time zone information etc. Gmail uses the time zone information from these headers to display these icons

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