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Windows Live Planet by Microsoft: "

After Bing, Microsoft has launched Windows Live Planet which is a new social networking site designed primarily to take on Orkut and Facebook. Windows Live Planet is similar to most of the other social networks, but is totally different in design and the User Interface as evident from the screenshot.

Windows Live Planet

Most of the features on Windows Live Planet are fast due to the use of AJAX. You can invite your friends from other social networks or directly email the invite. You can sign in to Windows Live Planet using your Hotmail / Windows Live. Windows live messenger is integrated with Live Planet, similar to Google Talk being linked with Orkut, and you will automatically get signed in to your messenger as soon as you login on this site.

The Scribble Pad is similar to Scrapbook feature in Orkut but each scribble can be up to 150 characters in length. It means they are even incorporating Twitter's features. So,

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