The Loudest USB Speaker

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Yamaha is planning to the blow the usual array of tinny-sounding USB speakers out of the water with the launch of the NX-U10, claimed as the world’s loudest USB speaker. How?

Well, USB provides 5V, which gives connected devices only 0.5W x 2 of power. To overcome this, Yamaha has created the PowerStorage Circuit to boost this 20 times to 10W x 2. It also features something called SR-Bass (Swing Radiator Bass) to add some meat to your tunes.

Even better, the NX-U10 can be also powered from a plug socket or even 4 AAA batteries. This is especially useful if you want to plug your MP3 player into its 3.5mm stereo mini-jack. It weighs in at just over 1lb and could be yours for around £130 online.

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